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Command line options

Web server arguments#

Bind host#

-b HOST or --bind=HOST allow to change host binded. Default : ""

Bind port#

-p PORT or --port=PORT allow to change port binded. Default : 3000


-w COUNT or --workers=COUNT allow to change the number of processes to handle requests. Default : 1

Usefull arguments#

List the application routes#

-r or --routes display the list of application routes with Controller#Action, Verb and URI Pattern

Example :

Controller#Action                   Verb   URI Pattern
AuthEndPoint#signin                 post   /api/users/login
AuthEndPoint#signup                 post   /api/users/
UserEndpoint#me                     get    /api/user/
UserEndpoint#update                 put    /api/user/
ProfileEndpoint#show                get    /api/profiles/:username
ProfileEndpoint#follow              post   /api/profiles/:username/follow
ProfileEndpoint#unfollow            delete /api/profiles/:username/follow

Generate OpenAPI Documentation#

-d or --docs return OpenAPI documentation in the STDOUT.

if you want the documentation in a file, you can add -f FILE ou --file=FILE to this command.

WARNING : this command works with crystal binary available.


-c URL or --curl=URL perform a basic health check by requesting the URL.

this command is useful when you want to define a healthcheck command with docker, without having to install curl. For example, in an FROM SCRATCH image.