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An elegant web framework designed to be simple, powerful and fast.

Feature Overview#

Spider-Gazelle employs some unique concepts, features, and design principles:

  • Self documenting, can generate an OpenAPI description of your project
  • Annotations are used to define & configure routes, filters and error handlers
  • Implements strong parameter typing with customisable parsing
  • Parses request bodies and serialises responses based on Accept and Content-Type headers
  • Specs are simple to write, leveraging HotTopic
  • Exceptions in development are helpful, leveraging Exception Page
  • Puts you in control, customise command line options, when the server is started, how your app is configured etc

Who builds it?#

Place Technology are a fast-paced team of developers and designers based in Sydney and Brisbane, Australia.

Example apps#

Example OpenAPI docs#

Note that the editor allows you to generate API clients in many languages, which can be a massive time saver.